How To Take Your Swimwear Off The Beach & Onto The Streets

What do you get when you combine swimwear with streetwear? The perfect summer outfit!

Both stylish and practical, taking your swimwear off the beach and on to the streets will save you the time and hassle of having to change your outfit multiple times throughout the day. Plus, this growing style trend is a straight-shot from the waters of the coast, to the activities you love most! (no detours or extra stops here!).

Finding a way to take your swimwear off the beach and on to the streets is not only a time-saver, but also allows for lighter luggage when you’re packing for a vacation to a tropical destination. Swimsuits are generally extremely lightweight and easy to compact. In addition, most swimwear is highly versatile and easy to dress-up or dress-down, depending on the activities you have planned for the day, post-beachtime. 

In this article, we will share our favorite ways for how to take your swimwear off the beach and onto the streets this summer! You’ll be surprised at how simple it is to transform a swimsuit into streetwear.

The Basics: Swimwear to Streetwear

So, what are the advantages of taking swimwear off the beach and on to the streets?

For starters, spring and summer provide the perfect change in weather for you to start getting creative and even playful with your wardrobe. Finally, it’s time to shed all those layers, dark clothing and heavy coats for light pieces in colorful fabrics while embracing the new, warmer temperatures! These seasons present a more relaxed, laid-back vibe - one you should embrace by mixing your swimwear with other regular wardrobe items. Who knows, you may come up with some of your new favorite looks!

If you’ve planned a tropical getaway this summer, packing with the thought of bringing your swimwear from the beach to the streets will be a major space-saver! Who doesn’t want to have that extra room in their luggage for souvenirs to bring home?!

When taking swimwear off the beach and on to the streets, it’s key to remember that your looks shouldn’t be solely planned around trying to cover up your swimsuit. Rather than covering it, think of your swimwear as another version of basic wardrobe pieces you’d normally wear - such as a tank top or bodysuit. When you use swim pieces as a base layer for an outfit, you can build around it in a way that’s unique, comfortable, and convenient. 

Read on to learn how we take our swimwear off the beach and on to the streets in style!


Pick the Right Swimsuit(s)

  • Opt in for quality over quantity. Select high quality swimwear pieces that are made using soft fabrics - this way they’ll be comfortable and breathable as you are wearing them on and off the beach. If they are made of cheap, clingy materials, you aren’t going to be comfortable wearing them as a part of your regular summer wardrobe.
  • Nothing is more comfortable and freeing as going braless. Choose swimwear with sewn-in cups or removable cups that offer your desired level of support through either elastics or built-in underwire.
  • More often than not, string bikinis or any swimsuit with string ties can become uncomfortable if worn for too long. You’ll be better off choosing styles that will lay flat against your body.  
  • Solid color swimwear offers more in terms of versatility, but a printed swimsuit can show off your more bold, playful side. Keep this in mind when planning out your swimwear to streetwear looks.

Swimwear to Streetwear Ideas & Outfits

Daytime / Casual Look -

Start off with a sporty bikini top or a tankini that features a unique design, such as a bandeau neckline, waistline tie or button-front closure. Pair with your favorite denim shorts and a lightweight flowing kimono (can be sheer or solid material). If kimono’s aren’t your thing, try a thin, lightweight cotton zip-up hoodie - which can be worn tied around your waist if the weather is too warm to leave it on (but it’s available for those cool summer nights!). If you’re planning to get in the water and swim, simply wear some comfortable swimsuit bottoms under the shorts, and pack a dry pair of underwear for after you swim.

Night Out Look -

Planning on hitting the town for some drinks, dinner or dancing? Use this opportunity to show off what you’ve got in a one piece swimsuit paired with your favorite jeans. For a more polished look, choose slim fit, bootcut or slim-taper fitting jeans without any holes. If you really want to go out with a bang, try wearing a dramatic monokini swimsuit with a deep plunge neckline, high neck with an open back, or strappy style with side cut-outs. For footwear, put on some sexy heels for dancing, dressy flats for dinner, or a strappy wedge sandal for a look that meets somewhere in between.

Day to Night Look - 

Everyone loves a versatile look that can take you from day to night in a flash! This next double-duty outfit will take you from a day splashing around at the beach, to your favorite happy hour spot seamlessly. To dress up this look, opt in for dressy wedges or sexy heels. For a more casual vibe, select some comfy sandals or flip flops. Swap your favorite bralette or crop top tank for a bikini top in a classic bandeau style. A high waisted mini-skirt and crochet tank top finish off this effortless and versatile look.

Sporty Look -

If you’re planning on embarking on as many adventures as possible this summer, you’ll absolutely love this simple sporty swimwear to streetwear look. All you need for this look is a sporty and supportive bikini, tankini, or one piece swimsuit of your choosing, a trendy and lightweight pair of breathable jogger pants, and some comfortable tennis shoes (or athletic sandals - depending on what you have planned for the day!). That’s it! By layering the lightweight joggers with a sporty swimsuit, you’ll look as if you’re wearing gym clothes - which are perfect for sporty summer activities. Grab a breathable, lightweight cotton hoodie or sweatshirt to tie around your waist if you’re worried about getting chilly once the sun goes down. 

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