You Are Perfect As You Are - How to Be Confident in Your Swimsuit

Summer is on the horizon, which means swimsuit season is upon us.

I don’t know about you, but I am among the many women who do not always feel confident in showing off my body in a swimsuit. And although I look forward to the warm weather that accompanies the summer season, my insecurities can sometimes grow strong enough for me to wish for winter again (when there is no pressure to show off my skin in a swimsuit). 

If you feel this way too, you’re not alone. In fact, Fitness magazine ran a story recently that shared some interesting statistics about the way women feel about their bikini bodies. Here are some of the statistics they were able to gather:


“If Justin Timberlake invited them to a beach party, 36 percent of women would turn him down flat because they don’t feel they’re in good enough shape.”
“43 percent of women would give up Facebook forever if they could have a body like a swimsuit model’s.”


I have experienced swimsuit-induced fear first hand, sadly turning down the chance to enjoy a beautiful beach day or the opportunity to visit an awesome water park. And I’m not the only one. However, we’ve done our research and have gathered all of the best secrets for feeling perfect as you are - and how to be confident in your swimsuit. 

Let the madness stop! Learn to enjoy summer activities and live your life to the fullest by following our tips on how to be confident in your swimsuit.

Choose a swimsuit that fits you well

One of the best ways women have found has made them feel confident in their swimsuit, is to choose one that fits well and properly. If your swimwear is too tight or too loose, it’s going to be difficult to feel confident in it. 

Although swimsuit shopping can be a dreaded task for many women, finding the right fitting swimsuit is important. We all love online shopping in this day and age, but actually trying on a bathing suit prior to making the purchase will ensure you’re selecting the right size, as fit is essential in your quest for how to be confident in your swimsuit. So, always keep in mind, swimsuit shopping is strictly an in-store purchase.

Be open to trying all styles on

When you venture off on your journey of trying on swimsuits, be open to trying on all styles, colors, and sizes. This is not the time to be close minded! 

For example, years ago I tried on a swimdress - albeit I always thought those were for old ladies. I was super pleasantly surprised when I tried one on, and now I own several! If you think bikinis aren't for you, it’s time to open your eyes and give some two-piece swimsuits a try! Maybe boardshorts are your jam, tankinis? How about a high-cut one-piece? 

Never be stubborn when it comes to trying on swimsuit options. Who knows, you may find your new favorite style in something you never thought you’d try!   

Support the women (and men!) around you

We’ve all done it - made a snarky comment about what someone else is wearing at the beach or your local pool. Maybe something along the lines of, “She should not be wearing that bikini!”. However, making comments like this only hurts your own personal self-confidence surrounding swimwear. 

Try your best to avoid making negative comments about others bodies, and try to change your mental focus from judging others, to positive thoughts about them. By turning the negativity around, you’ll shed a positive light on yourself and those around you. As you do so, you’ll start to notice that a lot of the people around you may not have the same body as models in fitness magazines, but they are genuinely happy, confident and beautiful nonetheless. Realizing that others are confident in their own skin, will help you learn how to be confident in your swimsuit, too. 

Take it a step further, and go out of your way to complement others when you’re at the beach or a waterpark. Let other women know how cute their swimsuit is, i’m sure it will make their day (and yours!).

Add Accessories

One way to add to your beach confidence, is to add accessories and your own spin to your beach look. Try a cute new pair of matching sunglasses, a sunhat, beach bags, and/or a trendy pair of matching sandals. 

Take it a step further by adding a cute new necklace or some earrings that match your new swimsuit. Many people claim that part of the reason they feel uncomfortable in swimwear, is how bare it makes them feel. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Add accessories as a way to learn how to be confident in your swimsuit, and throw on some cute new beachwear pieces, too!

Stay true to yourself

If you’re more comfortable in a one piece or in a pair of boardshorts - don’t let “trends” steer you away from being true to yourself and your personal preference/style! That said, there are no limits or restrictions on the type of swimwear that you can rock. Whatever you want to try, go for it! But also, don’t be afraid to stick with bathing suit pieces that you’re most comfortable in. 

Every type and style of swimwear looks good, especially if you wear it with confidence! Whether you’re a girly-girl or more of a tomboy, wear what you feel best it, but don’t be afraid of taking risks if you want to try something new! There is swimwear out there for every person in every style. 

Fake it til you make it

So, how to be confident in your swimsuit? Be CONFIDENT! And if you don’t feel the confidence flowing through you yet, then take it til you make it. 

Confidence is sexy, but it’s also something that you can’t just choose to have, it has to grow within you. That said, faking your confidence will help you build genuine confidence inside yourself. By strutting your stuff on the beach (whether it’s comfortable, or not), you’ll begin to notice how good it feels to hold your head up high and enjoy yourself. Which, in turn, will gradually help you gain the confidence you’re searching for. 

Above all else, remember that you are beautiful, regardless of your height, size, or shape. So grab your swimsuit and enjoy some fun in the sun!

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