Meet Our Favorite Body Positive Fashion Bloggers

In recent years, there has been a surge in focus on positive body image and the influencers who support and promote the healthy outlook movement across the whole spectrum of society.

Body positive fashion bloggers and influencers play a major role in our daily lives. From celebrating bodies of all shapes and sizes, to spreading love for the hard working women, mothers, and disabled females all over the globe. Social media has a big influence in how we look at ourselves and others, so the team here at BikiniShops wants to celebrate our favorite body positive fashion bloggers - because they deserve the praise!

Check out these beautiful rays of sunshine, and hit follow if you’re inspired by their motivating drive.

Jess Amyn @mynameisjessamyn

Body Positive Jess Amyn

Jess Anyn is a body positive fashion and lifestyle influencer, who goes by the Instagram tag @mynameisjessamyn. She focuses on demonstrating that yoga is for ‘every body”, and challenges others to change the current narrative placed on plus size women and their capabilities. She is also a body positive blogger who works in plus size fashion and promotes self esteem and body confidence with her trendy personal style.  

“It is hard to be confident in yourself. Social media makes it look easy and sometimes even glamorous, but it’s not. My struggle towards self-confidence and self-love is constantly evolving. In my experience, self-hate doesn’t miraculously go away. It takes work. Showing up for that work is what’s most important. So every day, I come back to the drawing board. I wipe away yesterday’s actions and try to release both the good and the bad emotions. I try to be compassionate towards myself. I try to show myself love instead of hate. It is hard. I was not trained to love myself. I’m not good at it. And I don’t live in a world that wants me to love myself. But this work isn’t about a hashtag or a movement- it’s about survival. I must love myself in order to survive. That’s the goal. Everything else is just extra.“ - Jess Amyn

Her inspiring outlook on equality has earned her countless followers - adding a little sunshine and motivation to all those who read her posts.


Radhika Sanghani @radhikasanghani

Body Positive BloggerAlthough she isn’t necessarily a fashion blogger, Radhika Sanghani is a professional journalist and author who started the body positive campaign #sideprofileselfie to celebrate her unique side profile, and to challenge others to see that noses may not all fit in with the typical European standards of beauty, but they are just as beautiful regardless

Radhika and her #sideprofileselfie movement has managed to gather well-over 5,000 posts with followers showing off their own unique side profile. 

“I’m sure you’re all really bored of my nose but it’s #internationalwomensday so I feel it’s only fitting to celebrate with a #sideprofileselfie!! Also because every time I post one it stops being such a big deal and I feel more and more like Cleopatra, the ultimate big-nosed queen 👑👑👑” - Radhika Sanghani

Why not join in the movement, and show off your own unique #sideprofileselfie?!


Bishamber Das @bishamberdas

Body Positive BishamberBishamber Das is the UK’s first ever ‘plus-sized’ Asian model. She is also a major influencer and body positive advocate for all-sized women - particularly curvy women in the fashion industry. Throughout her years of modelling and with hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers, Bishamber is one of the most influential voices for Asian women across the world who find themselves highly underrepresented within images that celebrate different body shapes and sizes. 

“I am loved, I am enough, I am strong. I just wanted you all to say it... now please believe it ❤️” - Bishamber Das

I don’t know about you, but that caption is exactly what I needed to read today. She represents body acceptance as a plus size blogger, and remains one of our favorite body positive influencers.


Hannah Mills @hannahmummymills

Body Positive Hannah Mummy MillsHannah Mills is a fitness and body positive fashion blogger / style blogger who’s spent a great deal of time learning to love and appreciate her body post-birth. In fact, Hannah now says she has an even greater love for her body and its amazing form and abilities after giving birth to her daughter. She wants to be the strong voice for mothers all around the world - by promoting the body positivity movement and reminding them (by encouragement and example) that their bodies are incredible vessels that nurtured a child into existence.

Many women struggle with feeling the need to “bounce back” to their post-birth bodies as quickly as possible. Leading a lot of mothers to feel insecure, or “less-than” if it takes longer to regain the same shape and stamina they possessed prior to becoming mothers. Hannah is dedicated to proving that all mothers are beautiful, and can still be just as fashionable as they once were.

Hannah proudly shows off her body positivity post-pregnancy, announcing that she knows her body will never ‘go back’ or be the same as it was before giving birth. And you know what? She’s proud of that. And she now has a beautiful little girl to show for it.

“💗Postpartum Body Unedited👆🏼I haven’t “bounced back”, I’m still living in my big black knickers, and I most definitely have NOT worked out. Let’s keep this real. For the first 2 weeks I did nothing (except lift cookies from the packet to my mouth if that counts as a bicep curl😉), and only now have I started very light walks. This week I plan to introduce some light core exercises to begin regaining strength and activating this area, after all it’s been stretched a lot during pregnancy so has naturally lost strength. I’m not doing them to get ripped... no no, far from it... they are simply to restore my core... and in turn help improve my poor posture from bump/breastfeeding. It’s funny, because I have no urge to get in the gym right now. It’s at the bottom of my list of priorities after feeding, cuddles, family time, naps, bathing my stitches and the rest. There’s still this idea that women should “bounce back” to their pre pregnancy body... but here’s the thing... my body will never ‘go back’ or be the same, and you know why? Because I grew and pushed a beautiful human out of it. My body is now stronger and better than it ever has been, and the respect I have for it is greater than ever before. Okay so I’ve slightly side tracked from the exercise part of this post, but I just want to keep it real. This is me. Taken 1 week postpartum. My ‘bump’ is very much still there and this is 100% normal. Don’t be fooled by what you see on social media. So yeah... sending BIG love to all you new mama’s out there! Embrace this special time, and be kind to yourself and your incredible body.” - Hannah Mills



BikiniShops is proud to say we support all body positive bloggers - from fashion bloggers to diversity journalists and everyone in between. We think every single woman and man is beautiful and truly unique - which is what makes us all so special. 

Hopefully you’ll give these body positive fashion and lifestyle bloggers a follow on Instagram - we are confident you’ll enjoy their motivating and inspirational posts. 

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