Tips for Taking the Best Beach Photos for Instagram

If you didn’t post pictures of your beach vacation, did you actually go on one?

Today’s world practically runs on social media posts. How else are we to prove our loyalty to the gym? Or the fact that we, too, tried that new, hip restaurant on main street? 

More importantly, how are we to display our time spent vacationing on the sunny shores without posting a few pics about it?! That said, if you’re going to post the best beach photos for Instagram - at least do it right!

Whether you're taking family beach photos, hosting a beach wedding, or simply looking to have a self portrait session on a beautiful beach, we are here to help you with all your beach photography needs.

Follow our tips & tricks below for the most Instagram-worthy beach photos EVER!


Start Your Beach Photoshoot Off Right

Before you begin snapping your golden hour, sand-covered beach photos for Instagram, ensure you are fully prepared for the beach session. Sure, a white sand beach with palm tree vibes and a low tide sure help to naturally enhance a beach photograph, there are many other great tips you can apply during your photo session that are sure to blow all other beach portraits out of the water. That said, It takes time to conduct and/or produce a great beach photoshoot - may as well to it right the first time around.

Clean Your Camera Lens -

This preparation step may sound basic. You’re probably thinking, “Duh! I'm a beach photography pro”. But you’d be shocked to learn how many people forget to do a simple camera lens cleaning prior to taking snapshots of their dreamy vacation for the ‘Gram, and end up with less-than-clear photographs. This occurs most frequently when using a phone to snap your beach photos. Take breaks between poses and locations, and spend a minute or two cleaning off your phone camera and screen to ensure you’re capturing crystal-clear memories for future posting. And yes - you can totally use your shirt to wipe the lens.

Practice Ahead of Time - 

Have you ever heard of the “rule of three” in the photography realm? This simple rule works to create a balance in your photographs, dividing the subject of your shoot into three sections. By placing your “subject” inside one of three imaginary sections, the photo tends to appear much more aesthetically-pleasing (as it essentially removes the focus from solely being the center of the photograph). This method usually produces more flattering beach photos for Instagram, too.

Scope Out Locations -

Another way to make sure you lock-in the best beach photos for your Instagram account, is to scope out the photoshoot location ahead of time. When a human is going to be the subject of a photograph, it is usually recommended to avoid a distracting background with multiple things going on. You’ll end up with the most flattering and attractive photographs if you are able to find spots on the beach where you can incorporate the beauty of nature, without the busyness of a crowded shore. The best way to know where your photos will turn out best, is to investigate beforehand. 


Choose the Right Lighting

Believe it or not - the right lighting can make a photoshoot 100x better. 

Many people don’t realize the importance of finding the right lighting to enhance a photogram - and it’s a shame! The photographer of your photoshoot needs to be aware of lighting situations when snapping gorgeous photos of you, particularly if these photos are to be taken on a beach. You see, the beach has water that acts as a mirror - reflecting sunlight off its surface. Since the sky presents a widespread view on the beach, you must select the right time of day to conduct your photoshoot - this factor can make or break your photos! 

Tip: Choose sunrise or sunset to take your Instagram photos, as the contrast helps to create amazing and flattering silhouettes. 


Remember - FOCUS

If you forget to focus the camera on your subject, it won’t matter if you have the cleanest lens on the planet - your photos will turn out blurry! 

Even when using a smartphone to take photos on the beach, if you aren’t paying attention to where the camera is focused throughout the shoot, you’ll end up with tons of images that aren’t Insta-worthy. 

For most smartphones, a simple tap on the screen allows a photographer to easily focus the lens on their subject - YOU!


Pick the Filter Strategically 

As you likely already know, Instagram offers a plethora of photo filters, all of which complement different types of photographs. If you’re looking for an Instagram filter that complements both you and the beautiful beach you’re visiting, consider using “Clarendon” - a photo filter many celebrities and influencers boast about, particularly when it comes to enhancing the colors of water and the sky. 

If your photo seems to look “too-filtered” or “over-edited”, you can always opt in for a “#NoFilter” photo! 


Best Beach Body Poses

When it comes to taking the perfect beach photo for social media, finding flattering poses can give you a boost of confidence in how your photographs turn out.

Consider your posture - try to stand up straight and elongate your limbs and neck. Another hot tip to keep in mind, is the power of the “crossed-front leg”. This is a pretty standard pose, and has become quite popular on Instagram by celebs and influencers, alike. Start by positioning one of your feet in front of the other - and working to elongate the leg that’s in the front. By popping your toe into the sand and raising your heel, you’ll be able to create the illusion of extra-long and lean legs in your photos. 

Of course - candid photographs are also a major fav on all social media platforms. What’s better than capturing the fun you’re having on your beach vacation!?



When all is said and done, you’ll look fabulous on your posh, gorgeous beach vacation and believe me - everyone will be green with envy. You can follow our tips & tricks for super Insta-worthy beach pics, every time! Enjoy the blue sky and beach scene while you're capturing a great photo! 

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