Get The 2020 Swimwear Guide

Are you shopping for a new swimsuit? The good news is that there are endless types of swimsuits, designs, colors and style to choose from. Feeling confident, we feel, is the most important factor in deciding on a swimsuit, however, with the helpful tips listed below, we're know we can help you find the right swimsuit for you that not only helps you to feel confident,  but also is flattering to your figure!

First let's cover a few simple swimsuit guidelines...

Swimsuit Dos & Don'ts

DO try out a lot of different swimsuits. Styles are always changing, so look to find a style outside of your comfort zone and you may just find your new favorite style.

DO order swimsuits in a smaller size if your not sure how a swimsuit will fit. Swimsuits expand in the water.

DO adjust all of the ties and straps to fit the suit to your body. Always go  a little tighter than you think, because, once again, your suit will expand when it gets wet. Also, you'll want to make sure that nothing falls out!

DON'T choose a swimsuit just because it's trendy, especially if it doesn't fit you, or your body type very well. There are a ton of great styles, so begin looking for something that fits, flatters your figure, and can go with your existing accessories.

DON'T assume that a larger size or something with more fabric will give you more flattering coverage. Many women buy swimsuits that are to large and the results are that there are gaps where you don't want them and things that start to sag, especially when the suit is wet. If you are looking for more coverage, find a style that will give you that. Also, accessories, such as swim skirts, dresses, tanks and cover-ups can help give you exactly what you are looking for.

Deciding What To Cover

 As mentioned before, the most important aspect of coverage, is feeling confident and beautiful in what you are wearing. However, before you go straight to a one-piece swimsuit style, make sure you explore other options, such as tankinis, or even bikinis with better coverage. You can also consider getting a bikini with a skirted bottom, or a full bikini with a cover-up.

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One-Piece Or Two-Piece Options

We may be a little biased here, but we love bikinis! (It's in our name!) With all of the swim dress and cover-up options, you can always get a bikini and then add layers that are cool, stylish and hide anything you may want to hide. We think you should start there.

If you can't find something you like or feel comfortable wearing, there are so many great one-piece styles to choose from. One-piece swimsuits are great to help shape and smooth out your body. Some even have some great "slimming effects" to help conceal your tummy and waist. They also offer great lift and support. 

With so many styles, such as deep-cut neckline, one-should, high-neck, strapless, and more, it shouldn't be hard to find something cute that will help you feel more confident.

What Will You Be Doing?


One big thing to consider is what you will be doing while in this swimwear. If you are going to the beach to run around, play volleyball, etc. you are going to be wearing a much different swimsuit than if you are just laying by the pool all day. Make sure you keep that in mind. 

That is why we suggest having a swimsuit for any type of activity you might be doing.


Cover-ups have become quite the swimsuit accessory over the last few years. Whether you are strolling down the beach or enjoying a drink by the pool, cover-ups can give you that elegant and glamorous style that we know you are looking for.


Accessories are an important part of any swimsuit. In addition to sunglasses, think cover-ups, swim dresses, hats, watches, bracelets, anklets, earrings, flip-flops and other footwear.

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